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Did your bank ask you if you are a "professional" or if you "wanted a professional credit card?" Our suggestion is to say "NO!" Most people don't know that those "professional" credit cards follow the previous credit card laws. If you have received a letter in the mail offering you a "professional" credit card, think twice before accepting it. Professional level credit cards may not follow the new...
My property was built in 1935. We have totally renovated it; new windows, doors, siding, electrical and plumbing upgrades. The floors have been replaced and re-carpeted. There is a new furnace and chimney. Why do I still have to give the tenant a copy of the Lead Based Paint Disclosure and Pamphlet?
Simple; it's the law. If you have to evict the tenant, the lack of a signed disclosure could...
I filed the eviction with the court and now my tenant wants to give me half the rent now and half next week. What will that do to the eviction?
If you accept a partial payment, the eviction will be dismissed. If your tenant fails to pay next week, you will have to start the process all over again. Since we search eviction records separately, we often see the same Landlord bringing a case against...
I like to walk through my rental property every few weeks just to make sure that the tenants are keeping it clean and haven't added any pets or additional people. How do I do that without making the tenant angry?
We understand your concern. "Seasonal maintenance" may be your answer. After giving a 24 hour notice that you would like to enter the property to conduct seasonal maintenance, enter...
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