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Can I run a credit report on my current or former tenant?  Per the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a Landlord must have a separate and distinct release to obtain a copy of a tenant's credit.  The release cannot be a part of the rental application.  The information on the release must specify that a credit report may be obtained.  It cannot contain the tenant's current employment, telephone number or dependents.  With all that said; can a Landlord obtain a copy of a current tenant's credit report?  In most cases the answer is yes; however, the signed release must include a clause permitting the Landlord to obtain a credit report for tenant screening purposes periodically during tenancy and thereafter if monies are due.  As a Landlord, you must understand that your inquiry will appear at the bottom of the tenant's credit report and could affect their credit score.  Don't abuse the privilege.  (State and local laws may vary.  Always consult a real estate attorney before ordering additional credit reports.)


Should I require tenant insurance from all my tenants?  Yes, we think it is a necessity, especially if your tenant has a dog.  You should also add a statement similar to "The Landlord must be listed as an interested party on the renter's insurance policy and notified of any changes to the policy."  If the tenant attempts to cancel the policy after they move in, you will be notified.


How much of a financial responsibility does the landlord take on if the tenant has a dog?  If your tenant's dog bits the neighbor, the neighbor is going to sue the person with the deepest pockets.  In most cases, that is the Landlord.  Be sure your tenant has renter's insurance that covers dog bits and damage done by the tenant's pet.  Remember, there are four breeds of dogs that most insurance companies refuse to cover.  They may also decide to cancel your insurance all together if you rent to someone owning a Pit Bull, Rottweiler, German Sheppard or Doberman.  Be sure to check with your specific insurance company for details. Your community may also prohibit certain breeds from living within city limits.  Check with the dog warden or city hall for such regulations.

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